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Our Hair vs The Market


Remigirl Hair is 100% Human

  • Our hair is pure, 100% virgin hair that has never been mixed, chemically processed or altered.
  • You will never find a synthetic or animal fiber mixed in our hair.

Remigirl Hair is 100% Remy

  • Remy Hair does not tangle. Remy hair has all the attributes of natural flowing hair. It wears and washes with ease.
  • What is Remy Hair? Remy hair has cuticles that are running the same direction from root to end. It is sewn onto the weft the same direction your hair grows naturally so it falls effortlessly. Remy hair is all natural.

Each Piece of Remigirl Hair is One Length

  • Our hair is never mixed with several lengths. In fact, mixing hair is not a step in our production process.
  • We pre-select the hair to find the absolute best quality to export to USA and Europe. No mixing involved- always the donor’s natural hair length.

Remigirl Hair has all Cuticles Intact

  • Each and every piece of our hair has the cuticle intact.
  • There is no silicone coating process involved. Our hair is unprocessed, clean, fresh and natural.
  • Our hair needs no silicone. Silicone would interfere with the natural beauty and attributes

Remigirl Hair has Reinforced Wefts

  • We use a 3 headed sewing machine to make our wefts to ensure that the hair does not shed.
  • You can also wear the hair longer because the weft is very strong and will not break down.

Remigirl Hair Possesses Longevity

  • Our hair will last over 12 months and still remains manageable, lustrous and strong.



  • The Other Hair has Mixed Materials
  • Their hair is mixed with animal hair and synthetic hair in order to reduce the price.
  • Whenever they claim 100% human hair – it is definitely untrue.
  • Their human hair is a mix of Chinese Non-Remy and Indian Non-Remy.

The Other Hair is Non-Remy

  • Whenever they claim their hair is Remy hair, this is also untrue. When you wear and wash their hair, it will tangle
  • What is Non-Remy Hair? Non-Remy hair is inverted hair where the cuticles are running up and down, not one direction. This becomes a problem because you will not experience the great attributes of human hair with Remy.

The Other Hair has Mixed Lengths

  • During production, they mix lengths together to make the hair cheaper.
  • They sell hair that is 18” in length; they mix in shorter lengths on the weft, lessening the quality

The Other Hair has Stripped Cuticles

  • They strip the cuticles with an acid wash to reduce the short term tangling effect.
  • Next, they apply a silicone coating (which helps make the hair shiny and silky on a temporary basis).
  • After the silicone coating is washed off; the hair will tangle immediately and ball up while installed.
  • Their hair depends on this silicone coating in order to be sold.

The Other Hair has Poorly Made Wefts

  • They use a 2 headed sewing machine to make their wefts.
  • This produces a fragile weft that causes the hair to shed.

The Other Hair has Poorly Made Wefts

  • The Other Hair Lacks Longevity